Best time and tips on how to measure your ring size


Don't we all just love those beautiful little bands that sparkle so bright and sit pretty on our fingers?. We definitely do and for good reasons too. For one, rings are gorgeous fashion pieces and secondly they can serve as good assets (this, of course, is when they are crafted out of actual precious stones and mineral resources).

Be that as it may, while rings are undisputedly fine, there is a universal rule to them and it is the rule that your ring must fit your finger comfortably. By this, we mean that they should be loose enough to effortlessly slide over your knuckles with little resistance and be snug enough to sit in place without falling. Having said that, In line with ensuring your ring fits well, discussed below are the best tips and time for measuring your ring size. 


Best Time For Measuring Your Ring Size.

One thing you should know before measuring your ring size is that your fingers react to changes in temperature during the day. Your fingers are likely to be smaller early in the morning and when the weather is cold.

When the temperature is hot, your fingers are likely to expand. Measuring your fingers during such cold or hot times in the day would result in an inaccurate reading.

This, therefore, means that the best time to measure is when your fingers are warm. This is most likely going to be at the close of the day. Having laid that out, let's look at the best tips.

Use A String, Paper Or A Floss

Take any of the above mentioned and wrap it around the base of your desired finger. Use a pen to indicate where it starts and where it meets on your finger. Then take the measuring tool you used and line it up using a ruler. With that done, note down its measurement (length) in milliliters. You should also note that a floss and a string are materials that stretch. So if you excessively stretch them when measuring your ring finger, your ring size can end up being smaller than expected. 

Going on, in the incident that your knuckles are way larger than the base of your finger, measure your knuckles in the same way you measured your base, then pick a size in between your knuckles size and the size of the base of your finger. 

Use A Ring Sizer

Fortunately, these are for free on our website (you just pay shipping!). That said, your ring sizer can either be a key ring with a wide range of other rings attached to it, or it can be a measuring tape. Whatever size you decide on, the results are sure to be accurate. Simply place the sizer around the base of your finger. If two sizes seem to match, you should go with the bigger one. 

Place A Ring That Currently Fits You On A Ring Sizing Chart

Simply print out an accurate ring size chart (available to download, here) and place a ring that currently fits you on each circle of the chart until you find a circle that matches perfectly with the ring's circumference. The measurement found on the chart is your correct ring size. 

On a final note, finding your accurate ring size can be tricky. However, if you stick to the above tips or you go to a local jeweler and get sized in person you would be good to go. If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comment below or contact us anytime!