An Interview With Etsy

An Interview With Etsy

Hi friends,

It’s Fai from Studio Cosette. I have great news to share with you. Earlier this month, I have been selected as one of Etsy’s featured seller and had an opportunity to be interviewed by Etsy. I was with Etsy since 2010 from the beginning of my jewelry business (which were then just a hobby) way before I had my own website. So when Etsy contacted me, I was so happy and excited to do the interview! 


The minimalist jewelry that Fai Oda crafts for her Tokyo-based Etsy shop, Studio Cosette, is marked by clean lines and an understated elegance. But don’t be fooled by their simplicity: These delicate-yet-sturdy designs are infused with layers of meaning and a fascination with ancient cultures and language. The names of Fai’s jewelry pieces—Giza, Orion, and Siren, for example—are mined from the strata of history, mythology, and geography, including locales on her own dream travel list. “If I were not a jewelry designer, I’d be a historian,” Fai says, “or maybe an archaeologist.”


But history and archeology will have to wait: This Thailand-born designer’s fate was sealed on her wedding day, when Fai wore a pair of diamond stud earrings that belonged to her late mother, a decision that instantly illuminated her ultimate career path. “I realized how powerful jewelry can be to represent someone who is no longer with you,” Fai says. “I was very moved, because I felt like my mom was really close to me, even though she wasn’t there.” Fai had already dabbled in jewelry making during her student days, and it dawned on her that her creative outlet could be more than just a relaxing hobby. “I realized that I wanted to take jewelry more seriously. I wanted to make something that people can wear for a very long time—and also pass on to someone else.”

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It was such a pleasure to do an interview so that you my dear readers, could learn more about me and the inspirations behind my creations. I hope you will enjoy reading!


“This is taken from the article Etsy Seller Blog, written by Julie Schneider on June 18, 2018. 

Read the whole article on Etsy Featured Shop: Studio Cosette.”

Studio Photographs by Yulia Skogoreva

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