Caring your hands and nails during Winter

Caring your hands and nails during Winter

Winter is coming how amazing! During winter, you’d find that some people pay closer attention to some parts of their bodies and undermine others.

The undermined part you may wonder is your hands and nails. The frigid winter weather causes your skin to lose more moisture than usual which leads to dry and chapped skin and nails. There should be nothing acceptable about having dry hands and broken/chapped nails when you can do something about it!

Calm yourself… the tips we have for you can be done easily at home and in little time so keep reading.

Wear gloves

You might think that this is something everyone knows already; it’s true but they don’t do it. Wearing gloves during winter (quality gloves we mean) is one of the best ways to protect your hands from the cold. Gloves protect your hands and keep them warm which in turn prevents dryness. Wool is one of the best go-to materials for gloves because they’re thick and generate warmth so consider getting one.

Moisturize frequently

You can hardly ever go wrong with moisturizing. During winter, your body loses more moisture so how do you lock the moisture in your skin? You moisturize. So let’s get a little real here; you’re probably not big on buying hand lotion.

Most times, your facial moisturizer can be used as a hand moisturizer or you can just turn to good old petroleum jelly. If you also decide to get a hand lotion, avoid hand lotions with silicone, alcohols, parabens, etc. Instead, lean more towards thick hand lotions with essential oils, natural ingredients, petroleum jelly, lanolin, etc. Also, don’t forget to properly massage the lotion into your hands and nails just so that the moisture is locked in.

Oil massage for your hands and nails

Oils have so many benefits to your skin; your hands and nails aren’t left out. Get any oil of your choice like jojoba, vitamin E, almond oil, cuticle oils, etc. and massage into your hands.

Massaging oils into your hands often prevents damage, dryness, and dry skin and nails. It could be before you go to bed, head out or while you’re out; just do it frequently.

Keep clean and short nails

Keeping your nails filed, short, and clean makes it easier to maintain. Long nails attract dirt and doing any of the tips listed above with dirty nails is a no. A short and clean nail also makes wearing hand gloves comfier.

Drink a lot of water

Generally, water does amazing things for your skin and system so during winter, try to drink more water. This will help to keep your hands and nails moisturized as well as other parts of your body. You’d also discover that when you drink enough water, your hands and nails will not be prone to dryness which in turn prevents breakage and bristled nails.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well sweethearts so give as much attention to your hands and nails as you would to other parts of your body this winter.


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