Italy Travelogue: Rome

Italy Travelogue: Rome

Back in June, one of my dreams has finally come true. I finally got to see Italy with my own eyes! I’m sure most of you will have Italy as one of the destinations on your travel bucket list. Let me tell you briefly about my trip.

My husband and I went to Italy around the middle of June for 8 days. Since it was our first trip to Italy, we made sure to plan our days ahead. This means we booked almost all the tickets in advance including museums, attractions and trains to avoid waiting in line for tickets.

I found it to be very convenient, as it saved us lots of time and June was surprisingly hot - we didn’t want to line up for tickets for hours in the sun.


Day 1-2:

We arrived in Rome in the evening. Besides from getting delicious gelato nearby, there was not much we could do on the first day. We stayed at a lovely vintage hotel, a 15 minute walk from Roma Termini station. When you opened their enormous doors, they will lead you to a little garden, welcoming you to a secret world - I was in awe! It was in a safe and quiet neighborhood where we could easily walk to attractions.

Next morning we headed to Trevi fountain really early to avoid the crowd. We had coffee & pastries nearby then walked to Galleria Borghese. The museum and Bernini’s sculptures blew my mind away. If you are a museum nerd like me, I suggest reserving tickets (with a guide) in advance. I found that it’s much more fun when you hear in depth stories about the artists.In the afternoon, we headed to the Colosseum. And because we were so determined to see the underground area, we again booked our tickets in advance (you are not allowed in the underground area unless there was a guide with you). I suggest going half an hour before your appointment, there were multiple entrances at the Colosseum and it was pretty hectic!


Day 3:  

Vatican museum & the Sistine chapel - what can I say, it was so magnificent! We booked super early morning tickets, so we were able to absorb all the art without bumping into people. It was worth waking up early for. The museum was beyond my expectations and turned it out to be one of my most favorite places in Rome.

Places I discovered:

Coffee & Quick bite:

Gelateria la romana | Don nino | Fratelli de Luca Salad & Juice Bar (When you are away from home & crave something healthy)

Pizza & Pasta

Al Forno della Soffitta | Tonnarello (hands down the best pasta in Rome! Long queue, but worth the wait!) | Pizzium


Residenza Venti Settembre


-Fountain water in Rome is super clean and free to drink! You don’t need to buy water, just bring your own bottle and fill it up wherever you go.

-As you may know, it’s best to avoid restaurants around tourist area. Food & drinks double in price from what you will pay at regular restaurants.

We really outdid ourselves for the first few days, but it was definitely worth it :)


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