Palladium White Gold Vs. Nickle White Gold

Palladium White Gold Vs. Nickle White Gold

If you'd prefer your jewelry to have the silver-grey stone look, then your options lie between nickle or palladium white gold. Today, we'd help you layout both characteristics and what you stand to get from either of them.

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White gold was an idea a bit far-fetched centuries ago since the natural colour of gold is yellow-ish. Today, however, we can achieve the "White Gold" effect traditionally by plating Nickle (White metal) to a piece of gold. In as much as the nickle solution provides not-so-expensive solutions for creating white gold, the cheap element results in allergic reactions to many. The reaction leads to skin irritation during and after use and also tarnish over time making the jewelry useless.

Undoubtedly, the nickle or rhodium plating on pure un-plated gold pieces gives it the signature white sheen that is attractive to the eyes. It is safe to say that all you get from a nickle white gold jewelry is the glamour and blings they come with and nothing else. Only a few traditional white gold merchants plate their gemstones with rhodium during production. Plating the white gold with rhodium, of course, prevents the jewelry from tarnishing as well as fight allergic reactions.

Is Palladium White Gold Truly the Best Choice?

As a part of the platinum group of metals known for their whitish sophisticated and glittering appearance - palladium white gold serves as the best jewelry option for engagement and weddings bands. Unlike its nickle alternative, palladium white gold does not require rhodium plating of any kind or form.

While nickle white gold owners have to worry about tarnished jewelry, the palladium alternative is characteristically impervious to tarnishes. This means not spending a dime on re-plating unlike nickle white gold because it doesn't contain any surface layering of rhodium. Many may notice the unusual enchanting light-grey color on palladium white gold. Well, this is because it's in fact, gold! As palladium white gold increases in karat, there's an increase in brightness of the white hue.

Why Palladium White Gold is Better for Nickle Allergy 

Only a very few people have shown allergic reactions to palladium jewelry. On the other hand, the majority of nickle allergy sprout after a few years of using nickle white gold. In very few occasions where a palladium allergy surfaces, it's always traced to the immune system's false assumption of nickle for palladium.

Every person with mild or chronic reactions to nickle allergy should go for the palladium white gold option. Nickle allergic reactions should never be assumed for complete allergy for all metal jewelry. Palladium white gold serves as the best option against all skin-surface allergic reactions.

We've been able to deduce that nickle white gold sometimes offer the exuberant sparkling intended for white gold jewelry. However, they aren't the best option as a result of their harsh reactions against the skin surface causing allergies. The platinum alternative, palladium, however, offers glamour, less maintenance, and helps to keep the skin free from allergic reactions.

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